Jordan Cox Is Here To Waste You All In His Little Honda Civic

War. Diminishing natural resources. Distrust of our most cherished institutions—and each other. Disappointing launch titles for new video game systems. My friends, we find ourselves in dark times. We look everywhere for answers and find none. The time is ripe for a hero to rise and give the people the hope they crave.


I believe that time has come, and that hero has arrived: racer Jordan Cox of Australia, riding in to save us all on a belligerently fast, physics-defying Honda Civic hatchback.

Like all of you I was wowed by that Civic vs. AE86 battle at a recent Australian Improved Production Car Championship race. But I only got half the story. The other half is that the guy in the Civic, Jordan Cox, is a fucking maniac behind the wheel, a giant-slayer of the first order. His antics are out there on YouTube. I had to share them all with you.

I don’t know much about Cox yet except that he’s young, and describes himself on Facebook as a “mechanic by day and driver by weekend,” and that his driving in that EG Honda Civic hatchback—aka The Car You Took To College With You In 1999—in Australian V8 Supercars support races are downright incredible.

Here he is doing the GREATEST PASS EVER, blitzing a Holden Commodore at Skyline corner at Bathurst, a place where nobody traditionally makes a pass:

Here’s more at Bathurst, getting up on three and two wheels and putting some insane distance between himself—again, I say, in a little old Honda Civic—and a modern BMW M3.

“Please, don’t hurt ‘em, Jordan Cox,” the spectators say. “Please have mercy for the shiny new BMW.”


But Cox and his Civic have no mercy to give.

More passing action at the same race:

An onboard of that race, if you’ve got the stomach for it:

The pass he makes on the outside at two minutes in. My. God.

Here he is in 2015 stalking a very fast Mazda RX-8, relentlessly, without fear, wheels in the air more often than not.

“Someone give him a contract,” the announcer screams during that Skyline pass. I have a feeling that isn’t far off.

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The AE86 of Mt. Akina (Hachi)

Old cars duking it out is better than F1 and NASCAR.

There, I said it.

edit: Forgot to say, god bless that little fucking Civic.