Jones Big ASS Truck Rental and Storage

As the story goes, Toby Jones is an enterprising young rapper who managed to buy a junked-out warehouse somewhere on the south side of Chicago for a dollar and now he's willing to store your junk for unheard of prices! Have you got a clapped-out Firebird cluttering your driveway? Are you in need of bus or elephant storage space? Would you like to take advantage of a drunken businessman's genius marketing plan? At Jones' Big ASS Truck Rental and Storage, do all this and more!

We called the advertised number, and an answering machine picked up with Toby on the recording. Now that doesn't mean it's fer reals, but it does mean Toby's comedy troupe, Big Dog Eat Child, really went the distance to make it believable. With advertising like this we hope Toby Jones, Owner/Driver/Junk Specialist, is up to his elbows in Other Peoples Pitchings in no time. [Jones' Big ASS Truck Rental and Storage, Big Dog Eat Child]

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Plecostomus [Tyrrell]

"You got WEED, and I'll store ANYTHING you want!"

My favorite line, right there.