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The Indianapolis 500 is about to make history with its landmark 100th race, and we’re live on the scene to survey the grid. Join our own Jason Torchinsky live now as he tours the grid ahead of the race. What do you want to know about the cars on the grid? The drivers lined up with them? Ask us now!

There are 33 drivers vying for that celebratory glass of milk including six rookies and six previous winners, but only one can get it. We’ve already seen one insanely close finish from the Indy Lights support series, so let’s see if IndyCar themselves can put on just as good of a show. It’s their namesake venue, and everyone wants their face on the Borg-Warner Trophy.


Everyone who’s anyone is always out for a grid walk, so what do you want to know about today’s race? Any close-ups you’d like to see of the cars? What questions do you have for team personnel or drivers? They’re all out for the grid, so ask away on Facebook here and Jason will try to track down the appropriate answer.

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