John Z. DeLorean's $2.18 Million House Sadly Does Not Have Gullwing Doors

Hey, wanna buy John Z. DeLorean's house in California? It's not as cool as you'd think it is. But it's pretty nice. And crazy expensive.

For just $2.18 million, you can find yourself in John Z.'s 17-acre, four-bedroom 1960 ranch house in the Pauma Valley Country Club in San Diego County. There are also horse stables. I would have expected a garage full of muscle cars and DMC-12s, but horses are nice too, I guess. Insert the cocaine joke of your choice here, please. 


Fortunately, the country club it's in has a private airport of its own, so maybe you can convince them to let you engage in some airstrip hoonage. John Z., who as you all know died in 2005, would have wanted it that way. And no, the doors are not gull-winged, sorry. 

Photo credit The Davidson Group

Hat tip to Adrian at Curbed!

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