John Force Goes Home After 27 Days In Hopsital

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Drag racer John Force returned to his home on Saturday after spending 27 days in the hospital, but still has a long way to go before he makes a full recovery. Force was traveling at more than 300 mph in the Funny Car semifinals of the O'Reilly NHRA Fall Nationals when the violent crash that split his car in two occurred. Watching the video of the accident will leave you shocked that he only suffered a broken ankle, foot, hand and fingers along with injuries to a knee and wrist. Force will still have regular therapy and is scheduled to have pins removed from his legs in five weeks. Most of his time out of bed will be spent in a wheelchair or a walker, but he plans to attend the last two NHRA events of the season. [Sports Illustrated]

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Twenty seven days in the hospital....

Can you even imagine? I'm dead in the middle of my recovery from an accident in May where a cell-phone toting jackass turned in front of me and I plastered my motorcycle against the side of his car. I went through surgery requiring harvested tendons, bone section removal and wiring together my right shoulder. I'm STILL not cleared to drive a car and won't be able to get back on a bike until Spring '08. I spent a total of ZERO days in the hospital. John Force, Nelson Piquet, Derek Daly, Miguel Duhamel and so many others have overcome horrific injuries to continue racing that I simply am in awe. I know how I feel tonight and I know how much my shoulder will hurt tomorrow morning in the autumn chill. And I know that I cannot hold a candle to these champions. Godspeed, John Force and all the rest. With every time that young physical therapist brings tears to my ears, I'll be thinking about how lucky I really am.