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John Cena Settles Lawsuit With Ford Over Selling His Ford GT

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Professional wrestler and former Ford GT owner John Cena has settled the lawsuit with Ford over the sale of his Ford GT. Cena was contractually obligated to keep the limited-run supercar for 24 months, but sold his anyway. Now he is settling that lawsuit with Ford for an undisclosed amount, which Ford will donate to charity, per an announcement made by Cena’s legal team today.


A statement emailed to Jalopnik from Cena’s law firm Bush Ross, P.A. reads:

John Cena reached a settlement with Ford Motor Company for selling his Ford GT despite a program requirement to retain ownership for 24 months. Ford will now donate the proceeds to charity.

The re-sale restriction – common for the world’s most exclusive cars – was part of an extensive owner selection process to ensure the passion and aura surrounding the Ford GT is maintained.

“I love the Ford GT and apologize to Ford, and encourage others who own the car to respect the contract,” said Cena. “I am pleased we could resolve this matter outside of court, and that a worthy charity will benefit from one of the most iconic cars in the world.”

Ford filed its lawsuit when Cena sold his car soon after taking delivery, claiming that Cena violated the program requirement that original owners need to maintain ownership for 24 months after purchase.


Ford hand-picked each of the 500 buyers for the 647 horsepower, $450,ooo-plus Ford GT based on their visibility and enthusiasm for the cars, with the idea that these often well-known buyers would generate more positive press for Ford with the car.

Cena sold his Ford GT to New Autos Inc. in Chico, California, shortly after taking delivery, violating the non-resale clauses on several documents he signed in order to buy the car.

Ford also filed a lawsuit against the dealership in November of last year which is still ongoing. It is unclear who bought Cena’s car, although Ford’s lawsuit against the dealership alleges that New Autos Inc. specializes in selling cars to overseas buyers.