Jim Glickenhaus Is Doing A Show About Classics And It Sounds Awesome

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I got an email from Bradley Farrell of Inside Project M fame and he dropped some interesting news about super friend Jim Glickenhaus. They’re working on a show called “Return To Desire” to educate people about buying classics.

Rather than digest what Bradley told me I just thought I’d share it in full because I couldn’t say it any better (but please forgive him the casual grammar, I don't think he thought I'd print it):

We will be Launching a new series called Return To Desire. It will be a Show with host Jim Glickenhaus as well as Myself Directing and talking about the outrageous Classic Car market these days. Cars that are ridiculously priced as well as great investment cars.

The episodes will always start off with Jim jumping in one of his cars to drive to meet me at the meeting place. episode 1 will have Jims P4/5C driving on the highway surrounded by traffic a perfect juxtaposition. We will have drones following him and eventually meet at a visually stimulating location and discuss the cars at hand.

Our first great investment car that has been over looked for many years. For example my Ferrari 250GTE bought it not even 2 years ago for under 200k last one sold last month 420k at RM in monaco. Great return on investment if you ask me. I am sure you know. All 250 anything except for the E are well over 1M dollars today its the last 250 Ferrari that is somewhat attainable for some but for how long?

We believe there are great cars for the money that are out there like a Jag xk120 a Porsche 356 mercedes 190SL these would all be a great investment car for the long haul. As well as the Cars that keep blowing peoples minds like the Miura, 911RS Aston Martins DB5 even Prewar GP cars

I have access to all these cars so the footage will just be outstanding.

Think a modern version of my all time favorite car series Victory by Design. Only about the Value not so much the history of the car manufacture. The focus will be on The cars not Jims collection or myself which will be sort of a relief. Everything in the past that includes Jim is about his collection. However his collection is awesome and I will show it just not talk about it. Leave the viewer wanting to hear about jims intro cars but not giving it to them will create good conversation.

I wanted to focus on the value and growing value of these cars. I want the viewer to understand what is actually happening in this market and to be educated on returning them back in time when they desired there favorite classic car. perhaps get them to seize the moment and purchase what was once a dream of theirs.

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People need to be educated properly by people they trust I thought Jim was a great hero to do that.

Plenty of Finance Guys know nothing about cars yet they are diving into the waters because of the return on investment. They have always looked to Jims opinion on the stock-market when they watch him on Bloomberg. Why not give them that familiar trustworthy face as Jim can educate them on what cars are great values.

Modern Car guys are getting into Classics now too yet they are reluctant to get into a classics because of hearing there parents say they are nothing but problems and headache after headache with non stop issues and maintenance. While some of it is true They can get a education on what to look for and what to stay away from when looking for a classic.

Then of course there are the young people who drive new cars they can afford perhaps this will inspire them to jump into a classic they can afford as well keeping the classics in the mind of the younger generation is a must in my eyes.

Exotic car owners who are tiered of loosing 100K every time they buy a new Lambo or Ferrari or Porsche. This gives them a education on what is going up in value

dont get me wrong there are people like myself that buy cars because we just love them the increase in value is just a bonus. But for those out there looking for some advice on some great investments I think Return to Desire will educate them and hopefully inspire them to purchase a car they always desired.

Can’t wait.

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Matt Hardigree

There are few people as tapped into the classic car market as these guys. I'm hoping Knowledge + Car Porn = Delightful.