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Jim Cramer Says OEMs Should Move American Auto Manufacturing To Mexico In Response To UAW Demands

Just completely gut American auto manufacturing. What could go wrong?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Jim Cramer sharing his awful opinions on live tv
Screenshot: CNBC

It’s the last day for the Big Three to come to an agreement with the United Auto Workers union before the contract expires and the UAW plans to go on strike. We’re still holding out hope that they’ll be able to reach a fair deal before tomorrow, but it’s entirely possible that they won’t. Considering the impact that a strike against all three automakers at the same time could have on the economy, it’s got a lot of people talking. Including, unfortunately, Jim Cramer.

If you’re not familiar with who Jim Cramer is, consider yourself lucky. Except, unfortunately for you, you’ve clicked on this article and are now about to have a little bit of your life ruined. That’s our fault, and for that, we apologize. But basically, he’s an CNBC finance guy who is mostly known for being wrong about almost everything.


So, of course, he had to weigh in on the UAW’s contract negotiations. His big idea? Instead of negotiating a fair deal with the union, the Big Three should just move all auto production to Mexico where they can pay workers five dollars an hour. According to Cramer, the Big Three could save money on labor, but he also points out that they wouldn’t have to keep their factories clean since there are fewer pollution laws. Genius!


It’s such an insane idea, you can even see Cramer’s cohosts had no idea it was coming. “Glad to see you’re standing up for the American worker, Jim. Thanks for that,” one says as soon as Cramer finishes his rant. Yeah, thanks, Jim. That’s some real genius stuff you’ve come up with. Let’s just move the entirety of American auto manufacturing to another country so companies can save money and don’t have to pay their workers fairly. You’re a real patriot, and everyone should take your advice:

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