JetBlue: The Law Says We Have To Let Mini Horses On The Plane

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JetBlue is tightening its emotional support animal allowances for flights next month, limiting the critters allowed on its planes to just dogs, cats and miniature horses. To be clear, full-size horses are no longer allowed.

Starting July 1, the policy which previously only prohibited certain animals like ferrets and hedgehogs will be updated to now only allow dogs, cats and mini horses, according to SFGate. I love miniature horses as much as the next person, but it seems like an oddly specific animal to pick for the policy, but SFGate has an explanation for that:

JetBlue spokesperson Morgan Johnston says the species list is based on new guidelines released by the U.S. Department of Transportation in May. Horses were officially recognized as service and support animals under the Americans with Disabilities Act after a 2010 court ruling.

“The new requirements follow a dramatic increase in industry incidents involving emotional support animals that haven’t been adequately trained to behave in a busy airport or the confined space of an aircraft, which creates health and safety risks for customers, crew members and other service or support animals,” a statement from JetBlue reads.


Mini horses are kind of like large dogs, when you think about it. Travelers with these emotional support animals will have to provide vet recommendations and vaccination records 48 hours before the flight, as well as assume all liability for the animal’s actions, should their horse throw a fit, etc.

Typical pet fees are waived for support animals, so the horse gets to fly free.