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Jerry Seinfeld's Turquoise Porsche On eBay, What's The Deal With Yellow Seatbelts?

Illustration for article titled Jerry Seinfelds Turquoise Porsche On eBay, Whats The Deal With Yellow Seatbelts?

A one-of-a-kind 1997 Porsche 911 Turbo S owned by Jerry Seinfeld just went on eBay, and it's the perfect gift for that Porsche fan who also loves observational humor. What makes this Porsche so unique? Other than making it through Seinfeld's ownership unrolled, it's the only one of its kind with the "Blue Turquoise" paint job and yellow seatbelts to match the yellow brake calipers. The seller claims "Some Porsche collectors view this 'S' as the ultimate one of the production run." We can't verify that claim, but if you have $209,000 it can be yours today. Vehicle description below.


Jerry Seinfeld Porsche Vehicle Description This 1997 Porsche 911 Turbo 'S' is the only one ever produced in the unique BLUE TURQUOISE color. The car was special ordered by Jerry Seinfeld and flown over to CA when the car was completed - this $4K charge is on the copy of the window sticker. I also have the certificate of authenticity and copies of some service records. Vin # - WPOAC2991VS375741. I also have a copy of the Jerry's original title.

Jerry put 7,839 miles on the car before he sold it on 4/14/05 and it has been in the hands of several collectors since that time. He had the special phone console installed at the dealer in Los Angeles as well as European springs added - everything else in 100% stock condition.

The car has zero flaws and I just had the car service at the local dealership here in Atlanta. The special ordered yellow seat belts are a beautiful blend w/ the stock 'S' brake calipers and is simply a breath taking Porsche. The car also features the carbon fiber steering wheel as well as the carbon fiber backed heated sport seats.

I am condensing my collection and it must go. Some Porsche collectors view this 'S' has the ultimate one of the production run.


[eBay Motors via Motive Formus]

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Jeff Glucker

@Mike the Dog: It would be good for them, but they already have a pretty good stranglehold on the market now right?

As for my own tastes, I am a sucker for anything Boston... so I drink Sam Adams (Yes I know most of it is brewed elsewhere, Cleveland or Chicago, right?)