Jerry Seinfeld's New TV Show Is About 'Comics And Cars'

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Remember watching the sporadically amusing The Marriage Ref and thinking "Hey, wouldn't it be great if this show were about cars?" Get excited. Jerry Seinfeld is producing a new show called "Comics And Cars" that sounds basically like that.


Didn't we try this before? Oh, right. It was called The Car Show. Seinfeld is apparently hoping to build on that success by replacing jackasses playing with cars with millionaire gray-haired comedians playing with expensive cars and reminiscing about their first rides, or something.


If only Seinfeld would stick to the shows about nothing.

All of this news comes second-hand from other reports but originally appeared in The Daily, which is why you're reading it here.

There are just enough details to make us never want to own a television again. It's just old guys horsing around with cars. Granted, some of the old guys include Ricky Gervais, Alec Baldwin and Larry David. They're funny, no doubt.

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But if The Marriage Ref is any guide, no one can make watching funny people feel like an enhanced interrogation technique like one of Seinfeld's terrible premises. Also, I don't really want to know what Kelly Ripa thinks of the Bugatti Veyron or what Marv Albert did in his old Pacer.

No network has picked up the production, which means we might be spared this in primetime.


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Jonathan Harper

I got to meet Jerry when he was doing the bit with Ricky G. They borrowed one of our cars for the shoot.