Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Is Actually A Show About Nothing

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Even though Seinfeld was typically referred to as a show about nothing, each episode actually had a pointed message and a distinct story line.

Apparently angry that Seinfeld actually was about something, Jerry is now back with a show that is literally about absolutely nothing. And I mean nothing.

First, let's break down the title. Are there comedians in the show? Yes. Are there cars? Yep. And what about coffee? Oh, you bet your ass there's coffee.


For a web series, the show promises to have a bunch of cool cars and big time funny people. The lead off is a 1952 VW Beetle split window with 25 horsepower that's being shared by Seinfeld's longtime pal and collaborator, Larry David.

Anytime that David and Seinfeld come together there's an expectation for comedy. Just a regular conversation between the two can be hilarious. Right at the beginning, there is a trademark exchange that instantly makes this worth watching for any Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm fan:

Seinfeld: You excited?
David: I wouldn't say I'm excited, but I'm looking forward to it. My mother used to say to me once a week, "Larry, why can't you get excited about something? You're never excited, nothing excites you."

It's a bit like seeing a real-life version of Curb Your Enthusiasm, except instead of offending vast swaths of America they drive to a coffee shop while talking cars. Seinfeld sees a Bugatti Veyron, stops, and give Larry a little lesson on the car.

After driving, the two get coffee. What a shocking plot twist. But somehow, the show doesn't really drag. It's just an entertaining, nonsensical conversation between a couple of friends. They reminisce about their days on the show, talk about dietary habits, and other small bits and pieces that nobody could possibly consider important or Earth shattering. It's a Seinfeldian analysis of the minutiae of life. Larry sums it up perfectly:

You have finally done a show about nothing.

Yes, he really has.

The first episode has enough for car and comedy fans alike to come back for next week. However, will Seinfeld have the same rapport with comics he isn't as close to he does with David? And will the cars be as interesting? I hope.


Check out the full episode on Crackle.

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Rob Emslie

I found it to be a wonderful - and GoCam filled - 13 minutes of pure joy. The only potential downside I can see is that I will no longer be able to get a table at John O Groats for breakie due to all the star-seekers.