As the ridiculousness that is American presidential campaigning grinds ever closer to the end of its current cycle, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has made a new enemy: Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson.

Romney made the mistake of expressing doubt that the City of London would be able to handle this summer's Olympic Games. He may be right, but he really couldn't have picked a worse place to talk trash — even unintentionally — than the United Kingdom, a cluster of islands filled with people who have turned derision into an art form over the past several centuries.


So we were not surprised to see that Jeremy Clarkson, master of wry wit that he is, decided to take a stab at the soon-to-be GOP candidate. Clarkson, always handy with a piercing quip, mounted the Twitter battlements and let fly his one-shot attack.

My ideas for the opening ceremony were rejected. I suggested we should crash a burning Jag into Mitt Romney.


Poor Mitt. He really is defenseless against comments like that, even if he did mount a public apology in front of No. 10 Downing Street.

UPDATE: Clarkson clarified his statement, saying: "Mitt Romney. Go fuck yourself. We are better than you."

Photo credit: Jeremy Clarkson/Twitter, Associated Press