Jeremy Clarkson on the Alfa 159: It's Christopher Walken

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The Times UK's resident ten-foot-tall car reviewer, Jeremy Clarkson, turned his Fi Fi Fo Fum on the Alfa Romeo 159, a stunning take on the sports sedan that had us head-over-digicam at the Geneva show two years running. Alfa's latest, he says, is the Christopher Walken to the BMW 3-Series's Tom Cruise of sports sedans: a non-obvious star that's capable of a one-in-a-million performance. Of course, what would an Alfa be without at least one example of engineering lunacy:

...In most cars, the cruise control "off" button is clearly visible and easy to use in a hurry. Not in the Alfa it isn't. It looks like one of the pieces from a game of Risk and it's mounted on a stalk just below and slightly behind the indicator.

So when the traffic ground to a halt on the M40 I bet the chap behind me was keen to know why I didn't slow at all and then, for no obvious reason, suddenly indicated left.


Now we really hope Alfa's plan to return to the US isn't just wishful conjecture, especially since we hardly ever use cruise control.

Alfa Romeo 159 — Jeremy Clarkson [The Times UK]

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