Jeremy Clarkson: No More Top Gear Until 2013

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Hide the children. Darken the windows. Get out your all-black clothing. Jeremy Clarkson told a South African radio program that British motoring revue Top Gear will not return until 2013. We think this might be because of the London Olympics. Remember that this summer when you're watching Synchronized Swimming.


Specifically, while talking about the Top Gear Live road show Clarkson says it's the only time the three hosts will be together the rest of this year.

"It is going to be, it better be absolutely fantastic, it's also about the only time the three of us are working together this year because there's no Top Gear on this year."


We think this means we'll have to wait until 2013 for the 19th season to start. We've reached out to the BBC for a comment.

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Bryce Womeldurf

This saddens me. Well, I'm not filling my time with TGUS. Still not a fan. It still seems forced and derivative.