Jeremy Clarkson Hints At The Death Of Top Gear With Dinosaur Metaphors

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Though the BBC has yet to officially give their ruling about anything, and all that's been said is the vaguest of dinosaur-related metaphors, a Sun column written by Jeremy Clarkson is sparking a vast amount of speculation that he's leaving the show, and Top Gear itself may be gone. Is it true? Maybe, but it barely matters, really.


So, what, exactly, did he say? Most of the speculation is coming from these lines:

I THINK it's fair to say that nature made a mistake when it invented the dinosaur.

It was too big, too violent and with such small and puny arms it was never going to be able to operate heavy machinery or even enjoy a bit of special "me" time.

So one day all the dinosaurs died — and now, many years later, no one mourns their passing.


But let's be honest. These big, imposing creatures have no place in a world that has moved on.

So, okay, a big dinosaur who's starved for "special 'me' time" that's dying out? It's not hard to see who Clarkson is likely referring to there. Most of the rest of the column was about his disdain for various animals and women's clothing necklines, but mostly everyone is just afraid that he (and Top Gear) are the dinosaurs going extinct.

Here's the thing, whether this proves to be true or not, or whether you like Jeremy Clarkson or not — he'll be fine. And, chances are really good that no matter what, he'll be driving and talking loudly about cars in some very Top Gear-style context, whether or not that context is actually the BBC Top Gear. The show is just way too much of a magic cash-defecating bear for anyone to think it's somehow just going to go away.

So, while some sites are a little more alarmist and predicting the final demise of Top Gear, I'm a little skeptical BBC's going to be so quick to give up this huge, profitable, series. Even when Clarkson does something awful, it's not like we just all roll our eyes and ignore it — hell, I'm up at almost 2 am writing about it, for some reason. Of course, I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

So, maybe he will quit. It could happen. Maybe BBC will drop Top Gear, or, more likely, do some recasting. But if your primary joy in life is watching Jeremy Clarkson drive fast and talk loudly (which can be quite fun), I'm fairly certain you won't be deprived for very long.



I love Top Gear and I love Clarkson, but he fucking punched a coworker. That is absolutely grounds for firing, in any organization. I hope Top Gear stays, but I won't be angry if it doesn't.