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Jeremy Clarkson Has An Opinion

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Britain and the European Union are going through a pretty rough public breakup if you haven’t heard, and fan-favorite personality and British person Jeremy Clarkson has an opinion about it.


It’s really only noteworthy because sometimes Clarkson is funny, and in this case, his reaction to the Brexit situation is kind of funny.

Before the Brexit vote, Clarkson and his The Grand Tour co-host James May made a video plea to their country to vote to remain in the European Union.


Their reasoning, which was sort of all over the place, mainly had to do with the vast amount of paperwork and extra shit they’d go through to film their shows if they suddenly weren’t a part of the European Union any longer.

They didn’t really seem to take the video too seriously, and nobody else really took the vote seriously until this morning. Now Clarkson has taken to Twitter to respond:

I can’t wait for him to be back talking about cars.

Following the British people’s vote to “Leave” the EU, there’s a lot of questions remaining as to the state of the global automotive industry, as well as the film industry. So, uh, good luck Jeremy and Co.


This probably feels like, I don’t know, a punch to the face.

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Kat Callahan

“Right. We should have 24 hours of despair and moaning, and then we will all have to roll up our sleeves and make this shit shower work.”

Goddammit. I hate myself for thinking, “Jeremy Clarkson said a thing I agree with.”