Underneath it all, Jeremy Clarkson is a car guy. He gets it. He loves the Toyobaru almost as much as we do. A sports car balanced towards driving joy, not towards pure numbers. The numbers thing, the how-fast-can-we-drag-race-a-bunch-of-cars, is the realm of people who think more is better, not better is better. The Guy Fieris of the world.


The Scion FR-S/Toyota GT 86/Subaru BRZ triplets are not for them. They're for us. For people who want to be able to Ken Block around every turn one weekend then nail apexes the next. As Clarkson, in this next Top Gear DVD so perfectly puts it:

"This £25,000 Toyota was designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, so what the hell were they thinking of… when they built this?"


(Hat tip to Corz!)

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