Jeremy Clarkson Calls Himself A Penis In Further Insult To Argentina

Last week, Jeremy Clarkson and the Top Gear team made a GRAVE AFFRONT TO THE SACRED DIGNITY OF THE VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE OF ARGENTINA with a license plate that read "H982FKL." Yeah. When Clarkson was forced to abandon his car on the side of the road, cops found two more plates.


"H982FKL," in case it's not blatantly obvious staring at you in the face from the random jumble of letters and numbers that have been on the Porsche 928 since 1991, is definitely without a shadow of a doubt a reference to a war Argentina and Britain fought over 30 years ago for a few weeks.

The additional plates, found inside, read BE11 END.

Don't know what a "Bellend" is? Here, let a local official explain, via the Mirror:

We know bellend doesn't mean the end of the bell and is a word used instead to describe the head of the penis which is often employed as an insult in England.

We regard it as another insult to the people of Argentina.

We're sure the Top Gear team were planning another provocation with the number plate in the same way they provoked us with the one referencing the Falklands War.


"We know dickhead doesn't mean the cranium of someone named Richard and is a word used instead to describe the head of the penis which is often employed as an insult in America," the official probably then helpfully proffered.

The plate was going to be put on the Porsche for a game of car soccer in the city of Ushuaia at the very tip of South America, a BBC spokesperson told the Mirror. But obviously, that didn't happen due to a small riot, which ended with the crew hiding under beds and fleeing the country.


Not-quite-coincidentally, "bellend" is what fellow Top Gear host James May called Clarkson the last time he screwed up.


This looks like an example of Clarkson using some self-deprecating humor to acknowledge and poke fun at his own admitted mistakes, but if you're going to be insulted by any license plate, you might as well get insulted by every license plate.

Argentina lost the war.

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