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Jensen Interceptor S, An Overhauled Legend

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Jensen Interceptors are cool, don't deny it. No matter how frumpy you may think they look, there's just something about it that conjures up images of storming across the landscape en route to a swanky vacation lodge in the Alps with your foot to the floor and the V8 rumble triggering avalanches in your wake. Well, now there's a way to have that same feeling, but with some degree of modern driveability. Gone is the old Chrysler motor, replaced by an LS2 from General Motors. But this Jensen Interceptor "S" is more than just an engine swap.

Made by V-Eight Ltd. in the UK, the creation of a Jensen Interceptor S starts with the restoration of a vintage Interceptor. V-Eight has been fixing up Jensens for over 35 years, so we're guessing they kinda know a little bit about what they're doing. After all the rust has been removed, and the car is back in like-new condition, the transformation process begins. The new components include a 6.0-liter LS2 V8, independent rear suspension, APS 6-piston racing calipers with vented discs, 17-inch rims with low profile tires, and a fresh GM 4-speed automatic transmission. The result is a machine with significant performance gains and yet still retains much of its retro character. As a cherry on top, the Interceptor S is even more fuel efficient than the original, and probably definitely more reliable as well. But is all this worth $148,000? Well it certainly is a lot cooler than a bright yellow Ferrari. If you want one, they're only planning to make 50, so que up ya swarthy scoundrels!

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