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Jennifer Lopez's Fiat 500 broke down on the block

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I'd be sick of posting about Jennifer Lopez/Fiat disaster if it didn't keep being hilarious. The latest update? The Fiat 500 she wasn't actually driving broke down during filming. This is getting too easy.


Forget Black Friday because J. Lo is the gift who keeps on giving. First, we discovered that the completely awful J. Lo video about her being inspired by her neighborhood was shot with a body double. Then Fiat confirmed it was because J. Lo was too busy to return home.


Now some excellent on-scene reporting from Ed Morales confirms that there was a body double and that the little Fiat 500 Cabrio broke down during filming.

To add insult to injury, Ed-who-hasn't-left-the-block makes a larger point about Lopez's absence:

I just want to know, Lady Lo, why weren't you there on my block that day where you could have mingled with aspiring Jennys from the block and gotten a refresher course in the Bronx we both grew up in? Where maybe you could have made some kind of Oprah-like diff? I suppose the TV ad shows that you did hug a child actor on another "urban" block, but I can only say that your absence from this corner of "your world" was duly noted.


Fiat did email us this weekend to let us know that the awesome Fiat 500 Abarth advertisement with the sexy scorpion-tattooed bella donna hit 1-million views.


Maybe there's a lesson in there, Fiat.

(Hat tip to Ronnie Schrieber!)

Photo Credit: Ed Morales