Jeep Wrangler Wins 2021 Sales Battle Against Ford Bronco

Despite the hype for Ford's newcomer, it wasn't enough to earn the Wrangler's sales crown

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Image: Ford

The Ford Bronco may have been the hot new off-roader in 2021, but when it came down to the numbers, the Jeep Wrangler was still king. Wrangler sales outsold the full-size Bronco and Bronco Sport combined last year. However, the full-size Bronco had only been available since June.

U.S. sales numbers from Ford show that in the second half of the year, the company sold a tick over 35,000 Broncos. The company also sold about 108,000 Bronco Sports in all of 2021. Add those numbers together, and the two Broncos sold 143,192 units last year.

These numbers were absolutely blown out of the water by Jeep in the same time. Stellantis moved over 204,000 Wranglers last year. It was the off-roader’s best year since 2018.


If you look at just Q3 and Q4 for Jeep – the same correlating time that Ford’s full-size Bronco was on sale – the numbers aren’t any better. Jeep sold just under 86,000 cars in the second half of the year. That more than doubles Ford’s full size Bronco sales.

These strong sales numbers for the Wrangler are helped in no small part by two models: the 4xe and 392. The 4xe is especially doing its part to boost sales of Jeep’s dedicated off-roader. It became the No. 1 best selling Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle in the country last year. The Wrangler 392 – with its monstrous V8 engine that the Bronco cannot match – also did a lot for reinvigorating interest in the model.


There were a lot of things, of course, working against Ford and its Bronco in 2021. A microchip shortage, pandemic-related supply chain issues as well as other delays and production issues may have kept many people out of the Bronco in 2021.

All that being said, don’t expect this stark difference in sales numbers to continue forever. As the Blue Oval continues to speed up how quickly the Bronco is being built, shipped and delivered to customers, the gap between the two cars will surely close a bit.