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Jeep brought four special SUVs to this year's Beijing Motor Show. Two of them answered our most burning questions about the brand: will LED bars ever make it to the front bumper of a Wrangler and can you fit 20's on a Renegade?

Yes, to both.

I never would have thought luxobarge lighting would have any place on a Wrangler, but somehow I can kinda get behind those LED strips on the Jeep Wrangler Sundancer.

Even though LED strips area pretty modern design phenomenon, I can't help but feel like the whole front end of the Sundancer looks decidedly old-school. The weirdest part is, I actually like it.

The red and "gold rush" interior might be a little much though.


On the flipside, the Cherokee Urbane is really rocking those red racing buckets. They remind me a little of the standard equipment on the first Honda S2000.

The redundantly-named Jeep Renegade Zi You Xia (means "Rebel") has sort of a steampunky, urban-decay take on plaid plastered all over the interior. Those seats actually look pretty well executed too, if a bit excessively dramatic.


The seats were the second-cheapest feeling element I saw in the Renegade's interior at the New York Show (the worst being the door panels) so they don't really have anywhere to go but "better" even if sad-plaid-on-bronze isn't your thing.

The exterior color on the Zi You Xia is called "Warm Chocolate Gray" and the vehicle's whole palette taken from the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing. Jeep did not specify what kind of sorcery they employed to squeeze those dubs into the wheel-wells, but I have to say they don't look terrible.


The other Cherokee concept called Sageland has a neat sleek-looing front bumper that plays off the sharp kink in the SUV's grille really nicely. Chocolate-dipped side mirrors seems a little wonky though.

Think Jeep is pulling off any of these Far East Fashions?



Images: Jeep