Most people can appreciate the beauty of a vintage Jeep. They aren't beauty queens or speed demons, but it seems hard to argue with their utilitarian charm.

The 1948 Willys Jeep CJ2A you see here likely still has some of that charm, but it's now hidden underneath a custom muffler body.


We've examined the Mufflermobile phenomenon before but this one, currently listed on Ebay, manages to stand out even in the world of vehicles that look like mufflers.

"Most" Mufflermobiles are usually built to resemble a flat muffler, but as you can see this one is designed as a muffler in the upright position. The body is "a custom made wood framed, aluminum skinned replica of a muffler that's 8 feet high and 11 feet long."


While the vehicle certainly has a different look, there are downsides to the unique design. As the Canadian seller explains, "This is a one-seater muffler, although I have had passengers sit on the wheel humps in the back." It might sound unsafe, but we'd say you won't have much to worry about considering the 28mph top speed of this Mufflermobile.

It's hard to say exactly why people build or buy something like this Mufflermobile, but we're glad they do. If you can manage to dream up a purpose for a slow vehicle that looks like a muffler it will cost you $7800 to make this Mufflermobile yours.