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Jay Leno Exposes The (Possible) Future Of The Nissan Z In Japan

The original Datsun 240Z is considered one of the most iconic and important sports cars ever made. The two-seat coupe offered great performance, exotic looks, a reasonable price tag — and it didn't leak oil on the showroom floor, unlike some of its European competition. The car hammered its British and Italian rivals and helped to truly put the Japanese auto industry on the map.


But over the years, like all cars, the Z has grown bigger, heavier, and more expensive. No one will dispute the outstanding performance offered by the current 370Z, but it's kind of a far cry from the original. Some of the earlier Z cars were guilty of the same, like the twin turbo 300ZX of the 1990s.

So what should the next Z be? A light, affordable coupe with moderate power and an even more moderate price tag, like a Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ, or a more expensive performance machine?


Noted car hoarder and occasionally funny comedian Jay Leno took a trip to Japan recently to find out the answer to that very question. Watch as he visits Nissan's design studio and examines some concept drawings for the next Z, some of which appear to be pretty radical.

While the video doesn't give us any firm details about the next car, it does appear that its exterior design will mirror the original 240Z a lot more closely than we've seen lately. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments.

So what should the next Z be? Smaller and lighter or bigger and more expensive? Or is the current generation just right?

H/T Speedhunters!

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Rattleface Blouses

How much would the 240z be in MSRP if you accounted for inflation? I think the 370z is just right, but I could be wrong. If it makes sense for Nissan to make the next generation closer to the ToyoBaru then by all means, please do! I still would like to own an unmolested 240z one of these days.