I met Jamiroquai lead singer and possible car hoarder Jay Kay at Goodwood. Can you guess how many cars he has in his collection right now? To give you a clue: Way more than you think. This green thing is one of them, and it’s for sale.

This 1965 Ferrari 330 GT Vignale Shooting Brake is a one-off unveiled at the 1968 Turin Expo that was displayed at the Concours part of the Festival of Speed at Goodwood. Finished in 1967, it turned out to be the last car built by Alfredo Vignale before he passed away.

Now, it’s not like Jay Kay wanted to talk to me that much. He kept a low profile all weekend long, but when I ran into him in front of his motorhome on the top of the hill at the parking lot, he had nowhere to go, really. (Most conversations with Jalopnik writers are deeply uncomfortable, and that’s how we like it.)

Our brief conversation revealed that he is selling this car because he “has his eye on something else,” and that his garage is now home to about 90 cars. Ninety!


That seems to be one too many and I doubt he has the time to drive all regularly, but he definitely took this Ferrari out for a spin before.

As for his LaFerrari, I told him Kermit Green was a solid choice, although hiding with that car must be rather difficult. He pointed out that that car isn’t for hiding anyway.


Of course it isn’t.

We met once again on Saturday when he was heading down to Lord March’s party at the house. We weren’t invited to that one, but just so you know, the fireworks looked just as spectacular from our tents with a beer in our hands.


As for the Shooting Brake, one can only wonder what Jay Kay will replace her with.

Let’s hope something equally practical...


Photo credit: Robert Stokes and Máté Petrány/Jalopnik


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