Japanese Man Accused Of Slashing 1,000 Tires To Pick Up Women

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Grand romantic gestures typically fall into three categories: the ones that work, the ones that don't, and the ones that will land you in prison. A Japanese man is in hot water for the last one after police say he admitted to slashing the tires of some 1,000 women in order to strike up a conversation with them.

Classy, right?

The website RocketNews has the scoop on 25-year-old businessman Yoshihito Harada, who was in court this week as authorities said he used a screwdriver or something similar to puncture five women's tires at various supermarkets over an 18-month period.


Here's how Harada operated, according to the website:

When the women returned to their cars from the supermarket, Harada would approach, calling out, “Looks like you’ve got a flat. Let me fix it for you.” While changing the tire he would strike up a conversation with the women and exchange phone numbers with them. One woman who fell victim to Harada’s scheme told a female friend of hers, “I recently got a flat and a man offered to change it for me.” Upon hearing the story the friend exclaimed,“The same thing happened to me!” Suspecting a scam, the women reported the matter to police who launched an investigation.

In court, Harada's lawyer admitted that he actually did this to about 1,000 women, not just the five he's been charged with. And you thought those Brits who keep keying cars were bad.


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"Hey baby, you look like you could use a tire."

I wonder how many times he actually was successful in landing a lady. I mean, 1000 times? I bet statistically he's bound to have scored at least once.