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Jamie Foxx Rescued Somebody From A Burning Vehicle Last Night: Reports

Illustration for article titled Jamie Foxx Rescued Somebody From A Burning Vehicle Last Night: Reports

A vehicle reportedly rolled over and caught fire in front of Jamie Foxx’s house in Ventura County Monday night. After calling 9-1-1 the SiriusXM radio-station having actor and another man apparently ran to the car, freed the driver, and pulled him to safety.


This is according to Safety For Citizens, the Facebook page of local public safety enthusiast Joel Council who local news describe as a public safety enthusiast who monitors police scanners and reports crime Nightcrawler-style, which was cited by TMZ.


Foxx’s representatives confirmed that yes, the actor “pulled a motorist to safety from a burning pickup truck,” according to NBC. The vehicle was reported to be a 2007 Toyota Tacoma driven by 32-year-old Brett Kyle, which apparently hit a “drainage pipe and concrete casing causing the vehicle to roll over multiple times.”

Foxx was also said to have been aided by another man who was not named. NBC reports that the crashed Tacoma’s driver was taken to the hospital and “charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.”

Seems like a pretty cool move by Jamie Foxx, though. But is it enough to bring him redemption for Stealth or his other indiscretions?

(Probably not, but still, pretty cool, Jamie.)


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It’s only a matter of time before the person he saved sues him for scraping his arm while pulling him out of the car or something...