Photo: The Grand Tour/YouTube

Watch as James May, the only man on earth who can make a video about assembling a lawnmower entertaining, joins his cohorts Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond to tell a short story about one of his most bone-headed moments.

James May is a genius, but he’s also just a clumsy dork (and that’s why we love him). Here’s Captain Slow talking about one of his clumsiest, dorkiest moments in the cockpit of a race car:

I myself have driven down the street with my Jeep’s rear door dangling wide open, so I can sympathize with James’ forgetfulness. The only difference is, he probably didn’t get very far before realizing his fault, whereas I got strange honks and high-beam flashes for over a mile.

Regardless, it’s dorkiness like this that makes me excited for The Grand Tour.

h/t: Car Scoops