James May: Top Gear Is Almost A Sitcom

Illustration for article titled James May: iTop Gear/i Is Almost A Sitcom

Top Gear's top geek James May says the show's almost a sitcom, one which he occasionally thinks "Can't we do something properly that will work, not that has to catch fire or fall over?" So, no British cars, then? [EveningStandard]

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I like James May, more than the other two, and he's completely right of course. I do appreciate the craaaazy challenges, but they seemed more precious when they did only a few of those in the season. I miss the car reviews (I bet car companies are afraid to hand it to these blokes since they are going to tear it down to pieces) and the and the normalcy. Jeremy's become a horrifying caricature of himself and I don't know what Hammond is anymore.

Above is James May's first bit for the current Top Gear format. It's not that particularly funny nor insightful, but it's a bit more authentic. Everything on Top Gear these days just seems scripted. (which it is. heavily)