James Hinchcliffe Put The Best Photo Ever On His IndyCar License

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ID pictures are the worst. Well, unless you sneak something awesome onto your ID. Then they're pretty awesome. James Hinchcliffe's 2015 IndyCar credential pic looks like it was taken mid-battle with some Deadites. Is he secretly Evil Ash from Army of Darkness?

Hinch captioned his epic credential win as "Apparently I'm horrified Indycar gave me a license this year."


That face isn't any more horrifying than most ID pictures, which always look just unnatural enough to give me the heebie-jeebies. I think it's a good look.

Fortunately, this sort of thing is pretty easy to do. IMSA just used my Facebook profile photo for my media credentials this year, and I have to say, I love the photo I had up that week:


Bunny looks pretty dapper in little bunny lederhosen, and my 24 Hours of LeMons car never looked so good!


Many of these applications ask you to upload your own headshot nowadays, so I've been seeing what I can get away with for a while. The last actual headshot I have of myself is from high school, so why not?

I won't say that we'll encourage you to push the boundaries of what's considered a headshot, but...erm, let's just say we'll chuckle if you do.


Have an epic ID or license photo that you snuck past the stuffy-types? Post it in the comments.

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A couple of years ago, I attended an unveiling function at a rather fancy hotel. Someone in their infinite wisdom decided that the bronze statue in the hotel lobby needed credentials too, so they went to the trouble of putting its picture on an access pass, and draping it around it's metallic neck.

As could be predicted, the lanyard disappeared some time over the duration of the evening. I later heard that someone had successfully entered with the pass, thus proving why normal security personnel earn the salary that they receive...