James Bond's Lotus Esprit Submarine Can Be Yours For $1 Million, Kind Of

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There are a number of Lotus Esprits out there that cost more than $1 million, but that's because they need $1 million worth of work. This Lotus submarine is $1 million right off the bat, and it'll never drive on its own ever. Nice price or crack pipe?

The car in question is a static prop that was used for The Spy Who Loved Me, an enjoyable romp through Europe and Africa where James Bond teams up with a lovely Russian spy played by Barbara Bach to stop a villain who wants us all to live under the ocean or something.

Oh, Jaws was in it too. Not the shark. The guy with the metal teeth.

It was also the debut of Bond's Lotus Esprit, a fantastic car that transforms into a submarine to inspect the evil Carl Stromberg's underwater base.


For sale on eBay is a non driving prop car that is a submarine on one side, and a road car on the other side. It was restored on American Restoration and has a Buy It Now price of $1 million. It does come a sweet display platform, but that's about it.


That's crazy.

So, if you have an extra million lying around and the need for a Lotus that is harder to fix than normal, this is the car to buy. But don't do it. Not that you would.