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The Jamaica Defense Force has just ordered twelve Bushmaster troop carriers from Thales Australia. When they're delivered in 2015, they'll be the most powerful machines in a decidedly diverse motorpool.

The Bushmasters will replace Jamaica's Cadillac Gage V-150 Commandos, smaller armored cars of designs dating back to the Vietnam era.


With a 7.2 liter Caterpillar 3126E turbodiesel making 330 hp and 860 ft/lbs of torque, the 33,000 pound ten-seat Bushmaster is capable of climbing a 60 degree grade and 36 degree static side slope. Approach and departure angles are 40 and 38 degrees respectively.

Armor is rated against an assortment of mines, mortars, IEDs, and small-arms ballistic assaults.

If you've ever wondered what kind of equipment a small island nation uses to keep the peace, here's a rundown:

The new Bushmasters will join a heap of Toyota Land Cruiser variants, along with some less aggressive Corollas, Corona, and Crown sedans which are used as staff cars. The flagship officer transport is a Volvo S90.


Old Ford L-series commercial trucks make up most of the cargo, recovery, and rescue assets of the JDF. Personnel transportation is primarily carried out by Toyota Hiace vans, Ford trucks and Ford school buses.


But until the shipment of Aussie hardware arrives, the pride of the fleet might well be this 1992 Yamaha SR250 motorcycle used to deliver mail.


Images: Thales Australia, Jamaica Defense Force

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