Jalopnik's Top Ten Reveals From The 2008 Paris Motor Show

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Ben's gone to bed now, and the Paris Motor Show press days have wrapped up. Whether you agree or disagree, here's the top ten most trafficked posts from the last two days, compiled in order of popularity from most trafficked to least. Be sure to visit the full posts where you'll find more pictures, press releases and analysis.
1.) Citroën GTbyCITROËN Concept2.) Pininfarina B0 Concept3.) Honda Insight Concept4.) Lamborghini Estoque Concept5.) Aston Martin One-776.) Mini Crossover Concept7.) Peugeot RC HYmotion48.) Mercedes ConceptFASCINATION9.) Mazda Kiyora Concept Live10.) Renault ZE Concept


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@Accordforall: Meh. Those cars you mentioned are localized only in a small part of the Orange County. The rest of the county's like the rest of the country. Well. I'm glad that I went to the 0.00001% of the all the local autoshows that's actually good. ZR1, LP560-4, GranTurismo, Bumblebee... I can't really complain. Perhaps you should move.