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Jalopnik's On Snapchat Now

Illustration for article titled Jalopniks On Snapchat Now

Hey there, teens. Let me “rap” at you for just a second. Now, I know what it’s like to be a busy modern teen. It wasn’t that long ago that I was one myself! I know you’re preoccupied with the latest N64 game, going to rainbow parties and rocking out to Moby with your buds, but I’ve got some important news today: Jalopnik is on Snapchat now.


Snapchat, the ethereal content distribution app where kind of like Twitter except the posts disappear so there’s no record of how stupid you’ve been, has proven popular with today’s youth. And so we here at Jalopnik are getting in the game by entrusting it to the one staffer who actually knows how to use it.

What will you get if you “follow” us on Snapchat? Pictures of cars, maybe videos, a glimpse into all our crazy adventures out on the road, and stolen nuclear secrets, most likely. The truth is we’re still figuring out what to do with Snapchat, so if you have ideas, please leave them for us in the comments.


You can follow us by adding user jalopnikdotcom, clicking this link on your phone or mobile device, or “snapping” a pic of the ghost thing below:

Illustration for article titled Jalopniks On Snapchat Now

Tell your friends! They’ll love it.

And if you prefer social media more old school, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We know how to use those ones. Kind of.

Editor-in-Chief at Jalopnik. 2002 Toyota 4Runner.

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The Audi Of Broken Dreams

I don’t understand. I was greenlit for comments after waiting for over a year, toiling endlessly to please the Jalopnik comment gods in a way which would allow me to post comments without the need for censorship, also in a way which was highly supportive of the ideology of Jalopnik and its umbrella parent company. I have been hyper protective of ridiculous banter such as “What has become of Jalopnik nowadays, all these liberals!” or whatever else. I did so not only on the Jalopnik/Kinja platform, but outside as well. I felt Jalopnik was a place where minds of differing opinions could meet and yell at one another, but the focus would remain on cars and the antics and comedy of the highly talented and desirable writers of this site (and that is not at all sarcastic. i truly believe that there is an incredible amount of talent here)... but I seem to have been wrong. After having been disgusted by racist, intolerant, misogynistic, and blindly hateful comments by others, I couldn’t take much more, so I spoke out. I spoke against the killing of innocents in Turkey, and before that, I spoke against the dichotomy of proven hardcore, misguided, racist, and disturbingly hateful comments of certain people. I did these things because it was something which ate away at the very core of this great website, and I focused on a very small number of commenters... maybe two or three people, MAX. Well, somewhere along the lines, this outspoken nature of mine was deemed as being unfit, so I was cast back into the “Pending Approval” comments, even though I’ve had some very highly ranked comments and the fact that I have been relentlessly supportive of Jalopnik and defensive of it against people who are looking to tear it down with ignorance and shallow words.

So, here I am, wondering what the fuck exactly happened, because this seems to be incredibly one sided and lacking any sort of precedence for obvious reasons, aside from someone who apparently thought that killing innocent civilians with attack helicopters was pretty cool. Guys... you need the best support you can get right now. I know that this comment, if even read by the Jalopnik staff (unlikely at this point) will eternally caste me into the world of pending approval, but you guys need to know that treating your most loyal readers in such a shit way adds up, and it’s not going to pan out favorably in the end.

Whoever got offended by whatever it was that I wrote really needs to grow the fuck up and learn to accept the fact that we won’t always agree, but someone who frequents your site and is so enthusiastic and engaged by your content may not be your your ideal match, but it’s a fucking whole hell of a lot better than the idiot assholes that do nothing more than talk endless amounts of shit about Jalopnik.

I’ve tried reaching out, but I was ignored, so now I have decided to write this. Even though it will more than likely be ignore, once again, and nobody will have the fortitude, nor the dignity, to say that personal opinions got in the way and that things could have been handled differently.

But I digress; please, by all means- continue to find new platforms, with which you can reach a new type of audience so you can fuck over the people that would have once taken a bullet for you.