Jalopnik's New York Auto Show Trivia Night Is TONIGHT And You Must Come!

Photo credit Mike Roselli
Photo credit Mike Roselli

Great news, everyone! So many of you RSVP’d for Jalopnik’s Car Trivia Night at the New York Auto Show—which is TONIGHT—that David Tracy’s Jeep miraculously started working again. Hooray! But still more of you should come so I can see your beautiful, shining faces.

The event is tonight from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Javits Convention Center, 655 West 34th Street in beautiful Manhattan. We’ll be dividing you readers into teams with car celebrities (if you define that term loosely enough) like us Jalopnik editors, the guys from Road & Track, Mr. Regular from Regular Car Reviews, racer Parker Kligerman and autonomous car expert/famed speed demon Alex Roy. Are you good enough to answer Raphael’s trivia questions? We’ll soon find out!


You’ll have to buy a ticket to the New York Auto Show to get into this event, but it’s free once you’re in the show. We’ll be in the back by Mitsubishi, past the big shrine to the Evo in the north hall. Also, we parked Mike’s Yugo inside.

RSVP here on this Google form and get ready to flex your brain. This will be fun, and will include a lot of reasoning out the right answer, rather than just having a lot of odd facts memorize.

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