Jalopnik's Epic SXSW Throwdown Is Tonight And You Should Be There

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If you’re in Austin tonight, there’s only one place you should be, and that’s The Great Jalopnik Throwdown at SXSW. We’re going to talk autonomous cars, we’re going to talk the future of driving, we’re going to hang out, and we’re going to listen to killer music. What’s better than that?

Nothing, obviously.

The folks at Mazda were kind enough to throw in for this throwdown and I can personally guarantee you a fun time will be had by all.


Here’s your reminder that the event is tonight, from 6-10 p.m. at the Hype Hotel, 1100 E 5th Street.


Our panelists are Jalopnik writer and resident mad scientist Jason Torchinsky, former columnist and current Editor-at-Large at The Drive/professional speedster Alex Roy, Gizmodo’s urbanism editor Alissa Walker, NASCAR ace and occasional Jalop hot shoe Parker Kligerman, Puffalump enthusiast and Jalopnik’s racing expert Stef Schrader, and Gabe Klein, entrepreneur, writer, former Zipcar exec and former head of both D.C. and Chicago’s transportation departments. I’ll be moderating the whole thing, keeping it nice and respectable-like.

Also, the great Taryn Manning is doing a DJ set!

If you love cars and driving, and you’re concerned about the future of either, I better see you there! Happy trails.


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