Jalopnik Vs GM: Bob Beats Blog

It appears GM, even a just-emerged-from-bankruptcy GM, still has the power to beat a blogger. Our Wes Siler, in a $41,000 Mitsubishi EVO, has fallen to "Maximum" Bob Lutz driving a $60,000+ Cadillac CTS-V.

It's not what you'd really call a shocker. We kind of expected it given the vehicle situation (thanks Jag!) — but sad nonetheless.


A spectator — who may or may not have been Phil Floraday from Automobile Magazine — questioned whether his overly-tight pants may have contributed to the epic failure. We'll never know because clearly Wes will never wear loose pants.

Our guess is that Lutz is a pretty damn spry 77-year-old silver fox and the CTS-V is a damn capable car.

Still, there is the issue of that BMW M3 to deal with...

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