Jalopnik Reviews: 2007 Honda Fit Sport, Part 3

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Why you should buy this car: Because you want an economical yet sporty car that gets very respectable fuel mileage, has a good measure of practicality, and throws fun to drive into the soup pot of miserly subcompact automotive selections. Because you fancy yourself a apex-carving Pompurin.


Why you should not buy this car: Because you have lived your life maintaining that economy cannot possibly be fun. Because you fancy yourself a tough guy. Because you care more about burnouts than mileage. Because you have a multi-kidlet family.

Suitability Parameters:
Speed Merchants: No
Fashion Victims: Yes
Treehuggers: Yes
Mack Daddies: No
Tuner Crowd: Yes
Hairdressers: Yes
Penny Pinchers: Yes
Euro Snobs: No
Working Stiffs: Yes
Technogeeks: Yes
Poseurs: Yes
Soccer Moms: No
Nascar Dads: No
Golfing Grandparents: Yes


Also Consider:
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Suzuki SX4
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Kia Rio5
Chevy Aveo

Manufacturer: Honda
Model tested: FiT 5-door Sport
Model year: 2007
Base Price: 13,850 [Non-sporting 5-speed]
Price as Tested: 15,170 [5-speed Sport]
Engine type: 1.5 Liter 16-Valve SOHC VTEC Horsepower: 109
Torque: 105 @ 4800
Redline: 6300
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Curb Weight: 2471 manual 2551 automatic
LxWxH: 157.4 X 66.2 X 60 [inches]
Wheelbase: 96.5 [inches]
Tires: P195/55 R15 84H [Dunlop SP 31]
Drive type: Front Wheel Drive
0 - 60 mph: 9.25
1/4-mile: 17.22
Fuel economy city/highway: 33 38
NHTSA crash test rating: 5/5/5/3/4

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Special thanks go out to Cole Coonce help with photography in the production of this review.

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