Jalopnik Reviews: 2007 GMC Yukon Denali, Part 3

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Why you should buy this car:
It's big, fast and when it comes to interior quality and refinement, it's one of GM's best. And wait — did we mention it's fast? All that and a smattering of gadgets make this look like a bargain compared to the Mercedes-Benz GL450.

Why you shouldn't buy this car:
The Tahoe looks better, and the Escalade has more cachet. 13 miles per gallon in the city. Fifty-two grand is a whole heap of change for a glorified family car - if you really want to haul the kids, buy a Sprinter Van.

Suitability Parameters:
Speed Merchants: Yes
Fashion Victims: No
Treehuggers: No
Mack Daddies: Yes
Tuner Crowd: No
Hairdressers: No
Penny Pinchers: No
Euro Snobs: No
Working Stiffs: Yes
Technogeeks: No
Poseurs: No
Soccer Moms: Yes
Nascar Dads: Yes
Golfing Grandparents: Yes


Also Consider:
Lincoln Navigator
Chevrolet Tahoe
Infiniti QX56

Manufacturer: GMC
Model tested: Yukon Denali AWD
Model year: 2007
Base Price: $47,115
Price as Tested: $52,275
Engine type: 6.2-liter OHV 16-valve V-8
Horsepower: 380 hp @ 5500 rpm
Torque: 417 ft.-lbs. @ 4400 rpm
Redline: 6000 rpm
Transmission: 6-speed manumatic
Curb Weight: 5835 lbs
LxWxH: 202.0 x 79.0 x 75.9 in
Wheelbase: 116.0 in
Tires: P275/55R20 Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza
Drive type: all-wheel-drive
0 - 60 mph: 6.2 sec. (Car and Driver, April 2006)
1/4-mile: 15.0 sec. @ 94 mph (Car and Driver, April 2006)
Fuel economy city/highway: 13 / 19
NHTSA crash test rating: front: 5/5 (driver/passenger); side: not tested; rollover: 3

[by Mike Austin]

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I rented the 2007 Chevy Suburban iteration to drive from Seattle to Flathead Lake, Montana and back last week. It was absolute perfection on the highway, and swallowed 5 people's camping gear with no problems. If I had a family I'd seriously consider getting one of these for everyday use.