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Why you should buy this car: The Tahoe looks sharp, drives plush and coddles (five passengers) wonderfully. It ll tow a boat, ford a stream, plug some mud and save GM. Maybe.

Why you shouldn t buy this car: It s not a car. We re talking eleven miles per gallon, real world. Given the plethora of equally capable, more spacious alternatives, that s just plain unconscionable.


· Manufacturer: Chevrolet
· Model tested: Tahoe LT
· Model year: 2007
· Price as Tested: $39,990
· Engine type: 5.8-liter V8 iron block
· Horsepower: 320 bhp @ 5300 rpm
· Torque: 340 lb-ft @ 4200 rpm
· Redline: 5500 rpm
· Wheels and Tires: 8.5 x 20 in/cast aluminum wheels, Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza M+S, P275/55R-20 111S
· Drive type: 4WD: part-time two-speed with automatic front-axle engagement, automatically locking center differential, open front differential, and automatically locking rear differential
· 0 - 60: 8.5 secs.
· 1/4 mile: 16.5 sec @ 84 mph
· Top speed: 112mph
· Fuel economy city/highway: 18 / 22
· NHTSA crash test rating front/side/rollover: 4/4/3

Suitability Parameters:
· Speed Merchants: No
· Fashion Victims: No
· Treehuggers: No
· Mack Daddies: Yes
· Tuner Crowd: No
· Hairdressers: No
· Penny Pinchers: No
· Euro Snobs: No
· Working Stiffs: Yes
· Technogeeks: No
· Poseurs: No
· Soccer Moms: Yes
· Nascar Dads: Yes
· Golfing Grandparents: No

[by Robert Farago]

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