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Jalopnik Rental-Car Reacharound, Short Form: The Shelby Mustang GT-H

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Our buddy Jon writes in regarding his experience renting a Shelby GT-H from Hertz. Sounds like there's some kind of approval process that may keep the hoi polloi — at least those who pose a flight risk — from hopping aboard the train to Shelbyville. Check it.

Just got back from a business trip to Boston. My business partner Geoff and I were able to rent the Shelby GT-H at the Logan Airport Hertz.

WOW! So much fun. They really put you through your paces to rent it. We had to show our boarding passes. A manager had to check us in.

A few notes:

- We had Shelby number 55
- The engine has a wire on it so that you can't swap it out.
- They do a thorough engine check when you return it to make sure you haven't done anything to it
- I have never gotten so much attention in a rental car before. Constantly people driving up next to you requesting you to "light it up".
- A valet parking guy at a restaurant ran into the street and stopped us to check it out.
- It sounds awesome. The bottom note on it is fierce
- We got it up to about 115 MPH on the Mass Pike

Total cost for 24 hours - $196

Would do it again.

Nice suit, check. Fake boarding passes, check.

Hurt Me, Hertz: The 2006 Shelby Hertz Mustang [internal]


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They won't rent to locals? Damn. I was gonna get one and cruise Revere Beach this weekend.