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Ladies, gentlemen, readers from all over the world – prepare to spit out your coffee in excitement because our sublog Truck Yeah! is live, and you're about to discover a new source for all-things truck that will put hair on your chest and exhaust aggro-A'murican clichés like only Jalopnik can.

But make no mistake, Truck Yeah! is not a mere a depository of redneck jokes from frustrated city slickers. I live in a hamlet not a borough damnit, and I'll be delivering new vehicle reveals, discussions of classics, event coverage, first drives, racing, hoonage, and everything else you love about Jalopnik... just for trucks.


By trucks, we're talking all trucks. From the pickups and SUVs you see everyday to one-off race rigs, commercial trucks, military, rescue, recovery, and whatever else that warrants a "truck yeah!" You might even see cute utes and farm equipment if it's cool enough to share. Sure Jason, Kei-trucks too.

I'll be going to all the truck events I can weasel my way into, and after crushing any free food available will feverishly type up my impressions and opinions for your entertainment and enrichment of personal truck knowledge.

I'm not quite Bill Burke, but I've worked and played with enough trucks to appreciate them for what they are. I even spent some time as a professional off-road guide, and drove a support rig in the 2011 Australasian Safari.


With that, I hope you'll have questions and ideas about what the hell we think we're doing – leave comments or drop us a line at to share your thoughts on what you hope to see on Truck Yeah!

Image: Collage created with images from Oshkosh Defense, NetCarShow, ICON, Toyo Tires, and Freidwall/Flickr

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