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Jalopnik Photochop Contest: GM-Chrysler Merger Mashup!

Illustration for article titled Jalopnik Photochop Contest: GM-Chrysler Merger Mashup!

All this talk about a GM-Chrysler merger has caused us to think; What if, instead of loan guarantees from the feds back in 1979, Chrysler had approached GM and asked them to be their angel of deliverance. What would an alternate universe be like if GM and Chrysler were already merged? Would the automotive landscape be the same? Or would it thrive with Plymiac Azbrings and Dodgy Challamaros? Maybe a Town & Camino or two? We don't know — but after the GEM mashup last month and the SLR Guy back in June — we know your creativity knows no bounds. So grab your digital #2 pencils and fire up Photoshop because we’re challenging YOU to create this alternate universe. Give us your best creations because we’re giving away a copy of Baja: Edge of Control for XBOX 360 and the 10th season of Top Gear from iTunes to the most creative, awe-inspiring General Mopar creation out there. And no, we don't mean creating your own lineup — we've already done that. Let's give you an example — hit the jump for all of the details and for our own mashup — the Challamaro — to show you what we mean.
Submit entries either in the comments section below or to and please use the subject line “GM-Chrysler Mashup Photoshop Contest." Make sure to name your entry something unique so we can keep them all straight. As always, standard contest rules apply and submissions will be accepted until Wednesday, October 29, 2008, at 12:01 AM so we can vote for the winner later this week. And oh yeah, "The Challamaro" — that's right below.

Illustration for article titled Jalopnik Photochop Contest: GM-Chrysler Merger Mashup!

Good luck to all you ‘choppers!

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