Jalopnik In France, Waiting for Geneva

Here in the sleepy French community of Ferney-Voltaire, just over the Swiss border, I'm watching French TV. At this moment it's a sendup of "Candid Camera" en francais, featuring such skits as "narcoleptic cop" (police narcoleptic) and "knife salesman who randomly stabs himself in the hand." Both are more interesting than a Suzuki MPV, and slightly less interesting than a Maserati Coupe designed by Pininfarina. But that matters only today, because tomorrow and Wednesday, we're heading back over to Geneva's Palexpo center, where the Suzuki, the Maserati and tons more newly minted cars — production and prototype — will be rolled into the spotlight at the Geneva auto show. We'll be there with cameras and a few random things to say about them (the cars, not the cameras). Visit our Geneva show mini site, or just sit in front of your RSS reader and have the whole thing delivered. And here's an annoying thing about French TV. Why can't they hire child actors to dub children's' voices? Where are they finding all these squeaky adults to portray American TV's precocious snotballs? It sounds like someone dubbed in "Cantinflas" every time a kid comes on the screen. Inquiring minds would like to freaking know what is this all about.


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