Jalopnik Holiday Gift Guide: Sizzlers Lucky Best Super O!

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Long before plug-in hybrids or electric rocket sleds like the Tesla were the talk, a smaller and much faster plug-in was available for use by kids not even old enough to drive. Hot Wheels Sizzlers relied not on sponge rubber wheeled launching devices or setting up 20 feet of orange track on the staircase for velocity. Sizzlers were powered by wee electric motors and on-board rechargeable batteries. A minute or so of charging with the Juice Machine and the cars barrel-assed around the track for up to five minutes. As the Sizzlers were not confined to slots or lanes racing action held SUPER PASSING POTENTIAL! The good news? Hot Wheels has re-issued Sizzlers and Sizzler accessories. Now go buy four sets and make a wicked huge track. At 25 bucks a set you can't lose. Lap counter may be sold separately.


Hot Wheels Super O Race Set [Target]; Sizzler King's Ultimate Sizzlers Reference Site [External]

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Al Navarro

I'd love to see a poll for Best. Childhood. Car-related. Game. Ever.

There was this one set I recall that used Matchbox type cars and this "shifter" that catapulted the cars though a banked oval. You had to time it so your get max catapultage...or you'd "miss a shift". Black plastic. I bought it at some church rummage sale. Classic.