Jalopnik Holiday Gift Guide: Meguiar's Ultimate Car Care Kit

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If there's someone in your life that has a show car, or even just treats their 2001 Focus ZX3 like it's a show car, you might try getting them them the "Ultimate Car Care Kit" from Meguiar's. When it comes to car prep products, Meguiar's is no joke and for about $40.00 you get a nice mix of waxes, tire gels, scratch removers, a cleaning cloth and a carrying case. It's not the most original gift, but it beats the hell out of using an old wadded up t-shirt. Product info below the jump:

The Meguiar's Ultimate Car Care Kit includes products for cleaning, polishing and protecting your car or truck's interior and exterior surfaces. ScratchX removes fine scratches and swirl marks from paint in minutes. NXT Tech Wax 2.0 is next generation of Meguiar's famous polymer car wax, which boasts superior technology for months of mirror-like shine and protection. Both ScratchX and Tech Wax 2.0 have been reformulated to work with Dual Action (DA) sander/polishers and foam pads for the fastest, easiest application imaginable.

Meguiar's new Ultimate Quik Detailer keeps your paint looking freshly waxed between washes, and is engineered with Hydrophobic Polymers that repel water and make washing and waxing quicker and easier. Meguiar's All Wheel Cleaner is safe for any type of wheel, and it cuts through brake dust and road grime without harming your wheel's finish. Simply spray it on, then hose off and dry. Once your wheels are sparkling clean, Hot Shine Tire Gel will make your tires glisten with maximum shine and luster, without the mess and "sling" normally associated with tire shines. Last but not least, Meguiar's Quik Interior Detailer spray is the perfect product to wipe down interior surfaces and is safe for leather, vinyl, plastic, even nav screens and other electronics. Spray on, wipe off with a clean dry towel, and your interior will look like new.

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Al Navarro

Isn't this stuff ghetto compared to Zymol or Griots?

I mean, I use Barry's Quik Detail all the time, I'm just sayin'