Jalopnik Holiday Gift Guide: Matchbox 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition Book

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Whether you're merely a novice Matchbox collector with a Rubbermaid container full of well-worn cars, or you're a pro carefully dusting your mint condition 1966 Open Diplomat, we think you'll enjoy this tome dedicated to the die-cast toys that filled our dreams. Filled with more pictures than details, the Matchbox 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition Book will take you back to a time when your garage included a Porsche 914 and could fit under your bed. Product details below.

Product Description

For over half a century Matchbox vehicles have entertained children and collectors of all ages. This book is a celebration of the classic toy car from its inception to today.


Take a historical journey through the past fifty years with Matchbox vehicles. Along the way, you'll read about how Matchbox cars were invented, the history of diecasting, and the large variety of vehicles produced over the years.

Have you ever wondered why certain vehicles are considered more collectible than others? Or why Matchbox cars are numbered and what those numbers mean? The answers to these questions and more can be found throughout the pages of this authoritative book.

Accompanying the informative text are photographs of more than a thousand spectacular vehicles from throughout Matchbox history and its diverse product lines.

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Okay, you asked. I watched a purple 442 go for a little over 8G's. I've seen other pinks and purple 442's go for between 1 and 4 grand. I've had a couple chances to get a rough pink for several hundred but I just can't do it.

The pinnacle is a hot pink rear loader Beach Bomb. It's a VW bus and they only gave them to employees as a prototype. They used to let them take them home for their kids to play with. Some people stashed these things as trinkets. There were 2 pink ones that survived that I'm aware of. The last one went for somewhere in the neighborhood of $70,000. That's not a typo.