While you probably wouldn't want in your new Bentley, nothing classes up an old rig for a long road trip more than a CB Radio. You can relive your Smokey & The Bandit fantasies by calling out a 'Bear in the Air' just outside Bull City, or letting others know that there's an Evil Kenevil 'shooting you in the back' along the expressway. So if that car fan in your life is driving a 70's era vintage wagon or a Subaru Brat, a CB Radio might be a nice edition. We recommend the Cobra 19 DX IV for first timers, as it comes with all the equipment you need for under $70.00. Product details below the jump.

Compact 40 channel illuminated LCD display, RF gain, S/RF meter

Reflecting the trends in new vehicle designs, sculpted features and muted graphics which give it a dynamic look that will compliment any of today's vehicles. Adjusts receiver sensitivity to match incoming signal. Allows you to decrease sensitivity for strong signals and increase sensitivity for weak ones.

Unit Dimensions 1.75" H x 4.5" W x 7" D (44.5 mm H x 114 mm W x 178 mm D)
Unit Weight 1 lb., 3.9 oz.
Microphone Type 4 Pin Screw-On Dynamic
Frequency Control Phase Lock Loop Synthesizer (PLL)
RF Output Power 4 Watts (Maximum FCC allowed)
CB Channels 40 channels (26.965 to 27.405 MHz)