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Well loyal readers, if you're like us you may have had too much turkey last night (and spent too much time watching the evil Green Bay Packers put the beat down on our hapless Detroit Lions) and you're looking to spend today vegging out or having a blast out at some Black Friday sales. We'll be doing some of that today as Jalopnik will be running at half-speed today. But we've got a treat for you today — instead of spending the day out busting through the crowds, spend the day with us as we run through the best of the worst gifts in our Jalopnik Holiday Re-Gift Guide and then stay with us as we ask a special edition of our Jalopnik Poll and Question of the Day this afternoon. Your responses may help to determine how happy of a Thanksgiving weekend one Jalopnik editor will end up having. Enjoy the day and we'll do our best to help burn that tryptophan-induced haze away.